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The most used proverbs to pretend that now we are motivated to workout, but are we really following it? Are we really starting from tomorrow or any Monday? We don’t even remember how many such tomorrows and Mondays are already gone from so many years. The simplest solution for this is to follow steps noted below;

Convert your “Wish” into the “Requirement”

We often feel that “we should workout” but the fact is that “we must workout”. Daily workouts help you feel better and stronger. They are needed to keep body fit and fine so it is the requirement and not just the wish to please you.

Make your workout proper mixture of cardio & strength

The right thing to do is to make your workout proper mixture of cardio & strength exercises. Doing only a single thing would bore you and you will leave doing it in not more than 2 to 3 days. Making the correct mix of workout will help you get the faster result and also keep the level of interest at its best.

Start your workouts with small durations

Don’t push yourself to workout for hours in the very beginning. The small workout duration of may be half an hour in every alternate day will also suffice initially. This will keep your interest level maintained and also will help conditioning your muscles during the rest period. 

Keep doing new workout regimes & keep adding new variations to it

Don’t keep following the same workout regimes every time. You may be doing workout daily or alternatively but it is important that new exercises and variations are added to the routine. You will get fed up if you keep following same routine daily and will leave the workout. You may take the help of some trainer or also internet tutorial videos for adding correct variations to your regime. 

Set up small goals to be achieved

Decide upon your goals to be achieved and keep your goals simple and small initially. For example: “I want to workout at least 3 times a week”, “I want to reduce 2 kgs. of weight in 1 month” etc. Such goals will motivate your willingness to a very big extent when they will be achieved. So keep setting such goals for yourself and keep achieving them every now & then which will keep you inspired to follow the workout regimes.

Reward yourself on achievements

You are your best judge and you are the best person to motivate your own self. You may reward with some fitness accessories or gadgets upon the small achievements. You may also cheat sometimes to celebrate the happiness of your achievements. It will boost your confidence to follow things in a better way.

Find out a workout buddy for yourself

This is one of the simplest but probably the best way to keep you regular in your regimes. Two or group of more people can keep tracking the regularity of each other and buddies can also motivating you to be regular with them. Sometimes you end up going to do exercise just because of your buddy and the results you receive will motivate you such that you will be regular to get better and faster results.These are few of the most simple but surely most effective ways to keep yourself motivated and inspired to workout regularly. Start doing it and get back to us on +91 7506500808 if you need further guidance & counselling.

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