Is KFF courses recognized by the Government of India?

Yes – KFF Fitness Courses are recognised by NSDC – Skill India and it also has recognition by RVV institute which has numerous international affiliations.

What is the eligibility criteria required to join the KFF course(s)?

The eligibility criteria set for joining KFF courses are as follows:
Pro-Functional Training Course: HSC (12th) Passed or equivalent
Special Population & Fitness Kickboxing Course: HSC (12th) or equivalent

Can I pay the course fees in parts?

KaziFitForce academy completely understands the requirements and need of people towards managing the financial needs in terms of personal & professional manner. So it gives the students facility to pay the fees in part payments.

What is included with my certification program?

The Certification Program kit includes all study materials, the KFF goodies for personal and professional use, and/or print materials, instructional support, examination, and issuance of certificates upon the successful completion of all program requirements and financial obligations.

Do you provide job guarantee or placement assistance, and if so where?

Once you pass the certification course at KaziFitForce, we provide you with internship & placement assistance in which your interview will be lined up in gyms associated with us. Once you clear the interview, your career as fitness professional will start.

How soon can I start?

We have open enrolment, so you may enrol whenever you want to kick off your career opportunities for better growth prospects.

Can I do this program while working a full-time job?

YES – OF COURSE! Many of our students complete the program while holding down full-time jobs.

I am not very comfortable with English as a language. Will I still be able to understand the course?

The course material of KaziFitForce is designed in the easiest English possible and the teaching is done in Hindi plus English language by the experts so the students can note down the pointers in their preferred language. And in case of any further queries, the experts are always available for clearing the doubts of the students so they get the best benefit of the course to become successful in their career.

Why CPR is conducted by a third party agency and what is the recognition of the agency?

In India, First Aid and emergency life saving techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) has to be taught and trained by agencies recognized by the Government specifically for these activities. To offer the compulsory training on CPR to budding fitness professionals under its own roof, KaziFitForce has sought the services of Lifesupporters which has an association with American Heart Association (AHA).

If I don’t clear examinations, will I get a certificate?

Clearing the examination is the first criteria to avail the certificate. No participation certificate is provided to students as it is about the dignity of KaziFitForce as we do not want anybody to misuse the certificate. But we also make sure that enough resources and material is provided to students to properly understand the details and pass the course examination with ease and comfort.

I am not from any fitness background, is it possible for me to make a career in the Fitness Industry?

KaziFitForce is a platform which promotes Fitness as a whole so interest & willingness of the person towards being fir and making others fit is the most important than background. We have students who have done the course and are successfully running their career as personal trainers without having any fitness background as we start teaching from basic of fitness theories and very well make them understand how to implement them practically.

How much can I earn as a fitness professional?

It is little difficult to predict any amount which can be earned by a fitness professional. The most important things that play role in the career of a personal trainer are time & dedication given to the profession. The certification will definitely assist in increasing income potential. Trainers in the gyms enter at a minimum salary of Rs.8,000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month and then with personal training clients which is the actual source of income for fitness professionals, the take-home goes up to Rs.40,000/- to Rs.50,000/- per month. We have the real-life case studies of students who have raised their car of personal training with our certification and they charge 12,000/- to 15,000/- per month from a single client which ends up giving them an income of more than a lakh per month.

I am a physiotherapist; do I need to do any of the KaziFitForce courses?

A physiotherapist is a highly qualified professional, in a field of expertise that is entirely different from that of a fitness professional’s. The physiotherapist’s role is to look after the patients suffering from a musculoskeletal or neuro musculoskeletal pathology and rehabilitate the person to physiological normalcy who are considered as special population. The role of a personal trainer starts when the role of physiotherapist finishes and the person is in a normal condition to workout. It means that a personal trainer can’t do the job of a physiotherapist or vise-versa. So it is advisable for a physiotherapist to get qualified from KaziFitForce if they wish to expand their horizons beyond rehabilitation.

The practicals will teach me how to perform exercises correctly, but do you teach how to teach/coach clients in the course?

The practical classes in the courses of KaziFitForce are conducted along with the theory related to the same so as to understand how theories are implemented practically to deliver best results to the clients. The first execution of practical training is done by the personal trainers (students) themselves so they perfectly understand the pros and cons which help them design & deliver the best personal trainings to clients. And it also has the part of practical examination of different case studies and situational training designing for better understanding of how to teach / train the client.

After doing the course with KaziFitForce, will I get a job in any other gym?

After successfully clearing the course with KaziFitForce, we offer you with internship & placement assistance. We will line up interviews with the gyms associated with us. Once you clear the interview, you will get the job and career as fitness professional will start. And you can also get the job in any other gym in which you are willing to do job with our certificate.

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