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Fitness & Steroids – The Enemies

As KaziFitForce is the specialist team of Management as well as Fitness, the ultimate motto of the team is to promote only & only pure fitness. Specially in today’s time when people are interested in making the six pack bodies and leans figures by opting for the illegal drugs and expensive surgeries, Nasir Kazi; the founder of KaziFitForce and the entire team of KaziFitForce has set an example that a fit & healthy physic can be attained not only without the usage of drugs & anabolic but also without the supplements such as protein powders, pe-workout powders, special medicines etc.

Nasir & his team regularly follow fitness regimes and also make sure that their clients also follow the same to have a happy and healthy long term life. The core team of KaziFitForce has more than 15 years of experience in this industry which supports them to implement this fitness routine personally as well as for the clients as they exactly know the disadvantages of steroids & illegal drugs. Steroids & drugs definitely help in getting the excellent physic for short term but fitness surely vanishes away due to the usage of drugs & it is very important for everyone to understand that NO SHORTCUTS & DUPLICATES CAN HELP TO ATTAIN SOMETHING ORIGINAL & LONG TERM, THE ONLY CHOICE IS TANGIBLE HARDWORK. The entire team of KaziFitForce explains everyone that the most vital thing for the fitness if dedication & correct food.

Talking about dedication, Nasir mentions that TRUE DEDICATION IS DRIVEN THROUGH THE TRUE HAPPINESS OF THE HEART. One can never have a good physic by spending the time in the gym with depressed heart. It is very important to be happy with our own self to make our body fit & healthy. If we are happy from the heart then we stay away from all those things which are injurious to our health and that is out victory.

Talking about the correct food, Nasir mentions that all the components i.e. Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibres, Proteins etc. are very important for the body to have a healthy life. The accomplishment of first requisition of the fitness is to intake all of these components in the body at the correct time and with the correct proportions. Vitamins & Minerals being taken in the correct proportions supports in keeping the body clean which ultimately supports in maintaining the regular fitness. It is very important to eat clean & right to spend a long term healthy life. Fruits & vegetables are full fibre rich foods and egg whites, paneer, soyabin etc. are protein rich foods so if they are opted properly in routine food habits then not only drugs & steroids but also the supplements can be avoided.

At last, make sure that BETTER THE TEMPORARY RESULTS LOOK WITH THE CONSUMPTION OF STEROIDS, MORE HARMFUL THE PERMANENT RESULTS WILL BE IN LONG TERM. It is very important for us to understand that the body which is crafted through steroids & anabolic is fake and temporary which is ultimately going to harm every way in long term. The impact of consumption of steroid is negative o structure, hormones, patterns, immunity cycles, respiratory systems etc. of body which is identified in long term when things are already gone out of the hands.


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