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Running the gym successfully has its own challenges, from setting up the gym in the correct way that covers all the equipment and gives members enough space to do their workout properly to maintain the gym and retain the members. Let’s look at the 6 biggest challenges that every gym owner come across to run the gym successfully and how can you overcome the same.

Selection of Right Equipment for Run the Gym

One of the most essential things that every owner needs to take care of is selecting the correct equipment for the gym as per the angles so that injuries can be avoided in the gym. Frankly, starting with the new gym is an expensive affair in the initial stage as all the machinery is expensive and even the interior and set are expensive. And the owners tend to dump the money in “SO-CALLED BRANDED” equipment, but the fact is that no brand has all the proper angled equipment, so owners need to be innovative and select the machinery after taking the guidance of the knowledgeable person so smart choices are made to select the right equipment and even the proper financial investment is also made.

Setting up equipment in the correct way.

Only selection will not suffice the work, as setting up that equipment is also equally important. Piling up the equipment in the gym will not make the gym successful as we need the machines for the members to use and not to make the exhibition of machinery in the gym. Owners generally make the mistake of putting so many types of equipment in the gym that it looks more like the showcase of machinery and less of a fitness centre. So even the members suffer because they do not find enough space to walk freely and workout in the gym. So everyone must select the necessary equipment, and set up should be such that the gym has enough space for the members to walk and do floor workouts freely.

Employee Satisfaction

Every employee has their own different goals and mindset of working. Their priorities towards work can sometimes be challenging for the owners, and it becomes difficult to manage with them. Today, it isn’t very easy to find out the employees who are actually working to spread awareness about fitness and maintain their fitness. We generally say – “JO DIKHTA HAI, VO BIKTA HAI”, but today, people work for the salaries they receive and not with the passion for actually making people fit, so they sometimes do not stay fit. So in such times, it becomes challenging to create a working model which is acceptable and satisfactory for everyone. And members’ satisfaction is directly connected to the passion and satisfaction of the employees, so owners need to make an intelligent call while selecting the employees’ shifts and placing the employees in a way that more member satisfaction is generated, which can motivate other employees to work with passion.

Member Retention

As mentioned in the above pointer, member retention and satisfaction are directly connected to employee satisfaction and passion, but again that is not the only thing needed as being in the service industry. There are many other factors like overall service, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, providing the best possible trainers who understand the fitness goals and give desired results, provide other services throughout the year during the tenure of their membership and cumulatively giving the best in class experience to each of the members. But doing everything together is again not an easy task, but that can be taken care of by selecting the right team and distributing each work in a structured way, by taking the regular reviews and feedback from the members about their opinion and challenges, if any can help the designated teamwork better towards the satisfaction and retention of the members. Make sure that the queries and feedback of the members are solved within 24 hours if it is possible to do so.

Proper Ratio of Membership & Personal Training Fees

This is the most common issue faced by almost all gyms: there is no proper balanced ratio of gym memberships and personal training income. The actual income of the gym is the personal training fees of the members as it is the monthly income and premium income that is earned by the gym. But it is essential to explain to the trainers that there is a particular way and technique to pick up the clients for personal training and more important is to retain them for the long term. Retention of the clients for a premium service like personal training depends on the quality of service and delivery of the desired results. So the aspect to consider here is that personal training is provided at its best without making the members feel that the gym only provides the quality if personal training fees are paid. The team of trainers shall be trained so that they give equal importance to general as well as personal members. And make sure that all the members are satisfied so that proper ratio is maintained and at the same time quality is retained, which ultimately ends up creating employee and member’s satisfaction.

Revenue Consistency

The service industry and specifically the gym industry has the most irregular income as it is unfortunate that people in India do not consider fitness as a priority in fact they think it is a luxury. So it becomes challenging to have revenue consistency throughout the year as people do not tend to renew the memberships if they have only 1 month of travel scheduled. On the other hand, getting new members has its own challenges. So to make sure the consistency of the revenue, every owner should keep a check on the quality of service, regular revenue ups & downs, reasons of non-retention of members and try resolving the issues if any, efficient work towards reports through gym management software and other parameters which are directly or indirectly connected to generate the revenues of the gym. To know about Classic Whey Protein.


To conclude this, we would like to mention that the crux of success of the gym lies within the quality of services which directly assists in members’ satisfaction that ends up retaining them for the long term. Creating an environment and setting up in the gym gives members enough space and freedom to enjoy their workouts. And of course, employee satisfaction is the real asset of the gym and not the machinery owned by the owner.

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