This course is the foundation course of KaziFitForce as it gives the complete theoretical & practical knowledge and education to students that clear the basics about what personal fitness training is all about, and this ultimately becomes the successful tool for personal trainers to practice as a fit, capable, qualified & certified Personal Trainer in the fitness industry.

The module of the course is accredited by NSDC – Skill India & RVV Institute which is a well-known institution with numerous international affiliations under the category of Personal Trainer & Gym Trainer.

Successful completion of the Functional Training course and examination of KaziFitForce academy will not only enhance the theoretical knowledge of students but will also equip them with practical execution of fitness theories to become one of the most successful personal trainers in the fitness industry. The examination will have both modules of theory as well as practical and also the debate sessions with case study learning. This can also enhance the career opportunities in Gulf countries, USA, UK, Australia, etc.

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  • Introduction to Fitness
  • Fitness Test of Students – At the beginning of the course & at the end of the course
  • Basic revision & understanding of Human Anatomy & Skeletal Structure (The content is designed
    considering the practical aspects of Personal Fitness Training)
  • Understanding & importance of Periodization & Scheduling
  • Introduction & Details of Functional Training
  • Fitness Components & Functional Trainings – Importance & Needs


The workouts are executed by human body that may have limitations or medical conditions. But at KAZIFITCOURSE, we have crafted such syllabus that covers how such issues can be overcome through the help of customized workouts. This will give trainers an opportunity to stand out differently as they can help people achieve their fitness goals despite their medical conditions. The major trainings covered are

Rehab Training

Rehab Workouts

  • Training module to tap special population that suffers from diseases which affects healthy & fit life
  • Also covers the people with major injuries / surgeries
  • Edgy methodical learning of what & how to design workout to help them get back to the normal routine & lead a fit life

pregnancy training

Pregnancy Workouts

  • The biggest myth in India is about not doing physical activity during pregnancy
  • Assistance to trainers for overcoming the lack of availability of knowledge about designing pregnancy workouts
  • The Do’s & Don’t of pregnancy workouts
  • The guidelines on why & which props shall be used and which shall not be used during pregnancy
  • The complete guidelines on pregnancy training from day 1 till the date of delivery with real life case study

sports training in mumbai

Sports Workouts

  • Sports training is about creating such workouts which helps sportsman to be overall fit in terms of strength, endurance, balance, agility, speed, and eye-hand coordination.
  • Designing guidelines for covering all the fitness elements for sportsmen
  • The workout sessions to expand the scope of the trainer to tap sportsman to be fit & bang the ground with better fitness every time


Animal Flow Training

  • Animal Walks
  • Animal Jumps
  • Animal Stretches
  • Animal Holds


Calisthenics Training

  • Training with body strength
  •  Different stretches for flexibility improvements
  • Equalizer Training



Ball Workouts


Powerbag Workouts


Plyometrics Workouts


Battle Rope Workouts


Tyre Workouts


Kettlebell Workouts

Trx Workout Training

Suspension (TRX) Workouts


Sledge Workouts


Power Cage Workouts


Power Barrel Workouts


Landmine Workouts


Core Sliders Workouts


Kick-boxing training

  • The perfect stance techniques
  • Basic Kicks
  • Basic Punches
  • Inclusion of Fitness Kickboxing in workouts


  • Soft Skills Training
    • Difficult to digest fact that the trainer may fail despite being knowledgeable because of soft skills
    • First requirement in service industry is being presentable & humble.
    • The vital aspects of such skills will be made understood by teaching & real roll playing activities
  • Income Tax Basics
    • Certain TDS related information sharing
    • Most of the trainers don’t file their tax returns which is the biggest disadvantage to them for long term
    • Explanation of the requisitions & long term benefits of how income tax plays important role for many further financial solutions
  • Fitness Assessment Test
    • Fitness is a single word with lot of components indulged into it.
    • Where do you stand in terms of fitness on Day 1 of the course & at the end of the course will be identified though fitness assessment test
    • Theory learning & practical implementation will make trainers Pro Functional FIT trainers
  • Guidelines on Customized Training Designing
    • The heart of the whole course is customization
    • The detailed guidelines on how customization shall be done for different client categories considering their fitness, medical conditions, limitations & capacities
    • Real life case studies and practical implementation of guidelines
  • Safety Instructions during HIIT Workouts
    • Copying and prompting of self-claimed unique techniques have become the trend these days
    • This ends up giving injuries to people due to lack of knowledge & practice.
    • The special debate & real life case studies session of how these techniques can be implemented if they want to genuinely implement it to routines.
    • CPR Training is very important for a trainer as being in fitness industry, they come across clients with different medical conditions. And even in the gyms and fitness centres, sometimes casulities happen.
    • Through CPR Training, trainers can understand how they can save lives. The skills and knowledge gained out of this trainings make them capable of how they can respond to critical situations of cardiac arrest and other medical immergencies.
    • Training Coverage:
      • Adult CPR
      • Child CPR
      • Infant CPR
      • AED Training


10 Weeks Course – Weekend Batch (Saturday & Sunday)


1 Theory Examination – KaziFitForce Certification

2 Practical Examinations

  • Personal Training Program Designing & Delivery
  • Case Study – Special & Customised Training Program Designing & Delivery

1 Theory Examination – To be supported by Yuva Parivartan for NSDC Certification
(After Complete unlock situation is announced by Government)

1 Theory Examination – To be held at KFF Centre for RVV Certification
(After Complete unlock situation is announced by Government)


  • Pro-Functional Trainer Certificate by KaziFitForce
  • Certification from NSDC
  • Certification from RVV Institute
  • CPR Certificate


Course Fees for the Complete Pro-Functional Training Course for Personal Trainers: INR 40,000/-


Registration Fees: INR 10,000
3 Months EMI INR 10,000/- per month
2 Months EMI INR 15,000/- per month

Call: +91 7506500808Email: connect@kazifitforce.com

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