Aamir kazi


Lead Trainer

Amir, complimented to be the most punctual, fun loving and splendid fitness expert of KaziFitForce, incorporates functional trainings, cross-fit training, rehab training, sports training, weight training, kickboxing etc. specializing and conducting maximum trainings in functional, weight training, rehab training & cross-fit. His clientele include regular fitness seekers from different backgrounds and corporates.

Azhar kazi


Lead Trainer

Azhar, complimented to be the most silent but aggressive fitness expert of KaziFitForce, incorporates functional training, cross-fit training, weight training, sports training, rehab training and kick boxing etc. specializing and conducting maximum trainings in kickboxing, functional & rehab training. Azhar considers that staying fit is a routine and not a time being process, keeping that in contemplation; he plans the power packed workout sessions in a way which enhances the strength, flexibility, and endurance of his clients.

Personal Fitness Trainer mumbai


Lead Trainer

Taj-The winner of Muscle Mania – 2014, Mens’ Physique, the youngest and the most charming but hard-hitting chap of KaziFitForce, incorporates rehab training, functional training, weight training, sports training, cross-fit training, and kickboxing etc. specializing and conducting maximum training in functional & rehab. Taj believes that being fit is not about weight loss or gain but it is all about having the proportionate body even after taking halt from exercises as continual workouts are not possible during busy life schedules, accordingly he proposes the routines which support his clients in maintaining the toned physic with fitter lifestyle.

Mithilesh Rajput


Lead Trainer

Mithilesh, complimented to be the friendliest fitness expert of KaziFitForce incorporates weight trainings, functional & rehab training. MIthilesh had not only been working on his own fitness for more than 10 years now but also been assisting his friends & family to achieve their fitness goals. Looking at his interest about fitness and deliveries of result, he initiated his professional career as a fitness trainer with KaziFitForce. MIthilesh believes that fitness is always about being better than your own self so it is required to get up and work for it than you worked yesterday. His friendly and “Get up & Go” attitude compliments him in getting results for his clients. As a part of KaziFitForce, Mithilesh now plays a major part in taking care of personal sessions of trainings at “Edge Fitness”.




Ishita, the post graduate in commerce and an aspiring Chartered Accountant is the Head of the Departments for Operations & Finance. She provides the holistic approach to our management team on how to effectively accomplish the targets along with focusing greater most on client satisfaction with profitable growths. Ishita has worked as a full time management consultant in Jagdish Hirani & Associates, taking care of all the major departments of her clients covering Finance, Accounts, Marketing, Taxation, Human Resource Management, Operations, Execution, Client handling, Brand creation, Team Development and Business Development etc. She had played a major role in effectively evolving, aligning and executing the business plans, strategies and operations. Her aggressive follow-ups and strong co-ordination will add the essence of sincerity and authenticity not only in the team of KaziFitForce but also the team of clients.