Gym Conceptualization & Setup

Gym Conceptualization

KaziFitForce is a team headed by the personal fitness expert having more than 17 years of experience in the industry & that is the victory factor for us as he knows the industry inside out. Conceptualizing a gym is an extensive process as it is very important to understand the allocation of space & budget properly. We offer not only a holistic consultancy & blueprint with the assurance of excellent equipment solutions, fixtures & fittings but also bespoke strategies to overcome the start-up challenges. At a high level, the major areas covered are;


a. Equipment Procurement & Installation
b. Interior Space & Floor Designing
c. Facility Layout 2D & 3D
d. Trainer Recruitment’s, Grooming & Management
e. Other Team Development & Management
f. Business Plan Development & Execution
g. Tasks & Actions Management
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Gym Management
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