Fat Loss

Walking & Starving will reduce the FAT! – LOL

Every fat loss training program takes everyone out of the comfort zone in the gym and the best possible result can be attained if it is best paired with the correct and composed nutrition plan. At KaziFitForce, we make sure that the fat percentages are cut in the kitchen with the fun on the gym floor with the bespoke approach as per the requirement of every body and its fitness level.

building muscle

More I Raise the Bar, More I raise the Muscle! – LOL

Muscle build up does not mean bulking up the body rather it is all about crafting the fitness with lean mass and that does not have the short cut of illegal drugs which ultimately end up hampering the long term lifestyle. At, KaziFitForce, we believe that muscle build up is a slow process which comprises of creating the real internal strength and not the external bulky body.

Body transformation

Transformation the balanced combination of 5 elements! – The Fact

Body transformation does not only include weight loss or gain rather the requirement is of the correct body composition which comprise of correct percentages of muscles and fat. So, it is important to understand that number on the scale is not the actual result. At KaziFitForce, we make sure to achieve body transformation by balancing the components of fitness which are muscle strength, muscle endurance, stamina, flexibility and body composition.

Body Toning

Toning up the Six Pack Abs is the matter of spot Crunches! – LOL

Body toning, the most fantasized MYTH for today. Body toning is the outcome of increasing muscle mass and loosing fat % simultaneously in the correct proportion. At KaziFitForce, we intend to create awareness that there is nothing like spot reduction, but having muscle mass and fat % in the equilibrium way automatically tones the body.

Pregnancy Workout

Rest is the only requisite for a Healthy Pregnancy! – The Myth

Healthy pregnancy is followed with the correct fitness level before planning the pregnancy and then regular workout sessions during pregnancy. It is high time to come out of the parable that workouts are not advisable during pregnancy. The special sequential workouts only for pregnant women designed by our fitness experts help them prevent lot of fitness issues which they may come across during & post pregnancy. At KaziFitForce, we believe by following the correct workouts before and during pregnancy will help getting back to routine soon after pregnancy.

Functional training

I can sit on the Indian Toilet – LOL

Functional, the thriving training pattern executed through your own body and special functional equipment. These workouts also enhance the stamina and agility to greater levels if followed regularly. those help in improving are the workouts where no props or equipment are used. The use of the own body is made to do the workouts. These workouts are helpful for routine lives as they tend to increase the stamina and flexibility to the great levels if followed regularly.

Cross-fit Training

Strengthening and Flexibility, the First Feet of Cross Fit – The Fact!

Cross fit, the foreign training method that incorporates the functional movement which reveal the best aspects of weight lifting, gymnastics, cardio, rowing etc. with maximum intensity in the least time frame that delivers quantifiable results & increased power. Cross fit is high intensity workout pattern and there is always a way to reach & increase the intensity to prevent injuries. Strength & flexibility are the pre requisites of cross fit so the ligaments, tendons & other joints of the body should be strengthen first. Accordingly at KaziFitForce, we make sure to follow the needed protocols of working upon strengthening & flexibility as the first step & then take it to the next advanced level for better results.

Boot-Camp Training

I follow discipline in my routine life – LOL

Boot camp is derived from military training that involves a lot of discipline which we should but we don’t follow in routine lives. It also helps in motivating people as it is done in large group dynamics. At KaziFitForce, Considering the growing trend in fitness boot camps, the indoor location trainings are included as they prove to be climate friendly and provide better workout environment.

Marathon Training

Running on the after the confirmation of date of marathon will make me the winner – LOL

To perform any kind of sports or activity, you should do the health & fitness check up first. Which include basic tests of sugar, chelostrol & BP and in vitamins they should be D3 & B12. Make sure to concentrate of your nutrition first and then initiate the basic fitness activity and then start with marathon training.

Kick Boxing

Punching & Kicking are the Best Stress Busters – The Fact

Kick boxing is the combat sport and one of the forms of martial arts. The equilibrium Combination of boxing, karate & Taekwondo so overall body is used in the workout. At KaziFitForce, this interesting module of workout is clubbed and crafted in regimes so as to offer the bespoke workouts those are filled with fun and fabulous results as kick boxing is the substitute of cardio exercise.

Rehab Training

Trainers can’t medicate and Doctors can’t train – The Fact

Rehab Training is all about screening people and minimising the risk of injuries through distinct workout methods and its tools. Any body part when torn becomes the turning point to continue fit routine life and to get that into routine in the stipulated time is as important as the surgery. Following this thought process; KaziFitForce has tied up with different surgeons and physiotherapists to offer the complete model of rehab training to the clients which cover all the important aspects of rehab i.e. Healing, Therapy & Training.

Major inclusions by KaziFitForce as a part of Rehab Training are;
1. Strengthening Joints & Muscles
2. Rehab after injury
3. Rehab after surgery

Sports training

Sports is all about psychological strength & flexibility – The Fact

Sports training is all about achieving the maximum possible efficiency by any individual or by a group of individuals in a selected sports discipline limited by rules therefore one needs to be psychologically prepared before initiating any of the sports training. Not only the knowledge about the involvement of specific muscle in a particular sport but also the flexibility and strengthening of that part is as important as that of the regular & basic training for stamina, agility and core strengthening guided by the coach. At KaziFitForce, the customized workout regimes are designed keeping the strengthening & flexibility of such important muscles in focus to support the most effective & best possible results in the sports. Major inclusions by KaziFitForce as a part of Sports Training are;

1. Stamina & Performance
2. Agility & Core strengthening
3. Joint & Muscle strengthening
4. Flexibility